Online - July 2021 Semiannual Training/Formation semi-annuelle de juillet 2021


Red text indicates open sessions / Les sessions indiquées en rouge sont
les sessions ouvertes à tout le monde
After each message, there will be overflow plus 40 mins group time /
Chaque message sera suivi d’un temps réjouissance et d’un temps de
groupe d’une durée de 40 minutes

Outlines and Questions


Please abide by the following regulations for the training:
I. Trainees may register full or part-time.  They must attend all sessions for which they are registered.  Those attending part-time should sign up in advance for the sessions they will attend, whether mornings, evenings, or weekends/holidays; they may attend other sessions also when they are free.
II. Only those registered may attend:
    1. Be logged in into the meeting room 5 minutes before starting time.
    2. No unexcused absences; no more than 3 excused absences.
    3. Testing and sharing on each message.  No more than 3 failures in testing.
    4. Permission is needed for leaving any session early.
    5. New ones may attend only the open meetings that have been specifically designated by those responsible for overseeing the video training.  Only those who are registered for the video training should be allowed to attend messages that are not scheduled as open meetings.


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